Maui Daily & Weekly Scooter Rentals & Tours

From  $50.00 - $750.00 /Per Day

Day based pricing : Scooter Rentals
1 - 4 days : $50.00 / Day
8 - 11 days : $50.00 / Day
12 - 14 days : $500.00 Fixed
5 - 7 days : $250.00 Fixed
15 - 18 days : $50.00 / Day
19 - 21 days : $750.00 Fixed
Hourly based pricing
1 - 23 Hours : $50.00 Fixed
Pickup Date&Time
Return Date&Time



Rental Pricing Same Day – Kama`aina Hourly Rentals: For Hawaiian residents rentals not including a tour and lasting 7 hours or less please see our hourly rentals page. (< 1 day)
*Please note we do not offer hotel drop off service outside Kahului on less than day rentals. Daily Rentals: $50 per day.
Location Kahului  (Maui)  or Customer’s North Shore Maui Hotel upon request
Hours of Operation 8:15 AM – 7:30 PM Daily
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen
15 Minutes Of Parking Lot Instruction 50cc Scooter Rental
Emergency Whistle At Fault Renters Scooter Liability Insurance
Fuel – Please gas up before returning to Check-in with no less than 91 Octane gasoline. Using the incorrect fuel can damage the vehicle and will incur a $25 fuel system cleaning charge.
Escort – A Guide is only included with the Guided Scooter Tour Add-on’s. Basic Rentals do not include a Guide.
Do I Need A Drivers License?
Yes – You Must Be At Least 18 With A Valid Drivers License. A Motorcycle License Is NOT Required.
How Many Riders Are Required For A Tour?
Minimum For A Tour Is 2 Scooter Rentals. Please Request A Quote For Parties Larger Than 8 Riders. To confirm availability we Limit Max Group Size To 8 Scooters for online reservations.
Do I Need A Helmet?
In the State of Hawaii you are required to wear a helmet on 50cc Scooter if you do not have a motorcycle license. Tour packages include access to a helmet and with rental packages guests can provide their own helmet or a DOT rated helmet will be provided with $2 additionally cleaning fee.

Please also note safety glasses or goggles are required to operate a scooter. Please make sure your sunglasses are appropriately rated to withstand bugs and gravel that may be kicked up at you while riding. Our scooters to not come equipped with a wind shield.

Do we receive any type of security chains? Yes – we include a chain with every scooter. We highly recommend you chain the rear tire to a fence or pole. Never chain the front tire. Damage can happen if a chain is not removed prior to starting the vehicle. Please always remember to remove chain before every ride



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