Kama’aina – Daily & Hourly Scooter Rentals

 $7.00 - $40.00 Unit Price

Day based pricing : kamaaina Rates
Hourly based pricing
1 - 2 Hours : $21.00 Fixed
3 - 5 Hours : $7.00 / Hour
6 - 24 Hours : $40.00 Fixed
Pickup Date & Time
Dropoff Date & Time
No. of Scooters required
  • Must Be 18 Or Older : Valid Motor Vehicle License - No MC Endorsement Required
  • At Fault Liability Insurance - Included
  • DOT Approved Half Helmet - Optional



Hawaii Driver’s License Required. Minimum rental of 3 hours.


Rental Pricing Same Day – Hourly Rentals: $7.00 per hour. Not combinable with Guided Scooter Tour Packages
Delivery Location Kahului, HI
Hours of Operation 9:00 – 6:30 PM Daily
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen
15 Minutes Of Parking Lot Instruction 50cc Scooter Rental
DOT Rated Scooter Half helmet At Fault Renters Scooter Liability Insurance
Fuel – Please gas up before returning to Check-in with no less than 91 Octane gasoline. Using the incorrect fuel can damage the vehicle and will incur a $25 fuel system cleaning charge.
Escort – A Guide is only included with the Guided Scooter Tour Add-on’s. Basic Rentals do not include a Guide.
Do I Need A Drivers License?
Yes – You Must Be At Least 18 With A Valid Drivers License. A Motorcycle License Is NOT Required.
How Many Riders Are Required For A Tour?
Minimum For A Tour Is 2 Scooter Rentals. Please Request A Quote For Parties Larger Than 4 Riders. For Safety We Limit Max Group Size To 8 Scooters.
Do I Need A Helmet?
In the State of Hawaii you are required to wear a helmet on a 50cc Scooter if you do not have a motorcycle license. Tour packages include access to a helmet and with rental packages guests can provide their own helmet or a DOT rated helmet will be provided with a $2 additionally cleaning fee.

Please also note safety glasses or goggles are required to operate a scooter. Please make sure your sunglasses are appropriately rated to withstand bugs and gravel that may be kicked up at you while riding. Our scooters to not come equipped with a wind shield.

Do we receive any type of security chains? Yes – we include a chain with every scooter. We highly recommend you chain the rear tire to a fence or pole. Never chain the front tire. Damage can happen if a chain is not removed prior to starting the vehicle. Please always remember to remove chain before every ride.



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