Insurance Coverage

Hawaiian Scooter Tours, LLC., provides as a courtesy the following insurance coverage with every tour and rental vehicle.

Excess Liability: $100,000

Covers third-party medical expenses and damage to other property above the Minimum Financial
Responsibility limit resulting from the ownership, maintenance or use of a scheduled vehicle.

M.F.R. Liability: $20,000/$40,000/$10,000

Covers third-party medical expenses and damage to other property the authorized driver (rentee or
lessee) is responsible for after an at-fault accident.

What you are not covered for?

Any and all damage incurred to the tour or rental vehicle while in the care of the renter is solely the responsibility of the renter. By renting this vehicle you are releasing Hawaiian Scooter Tours, LLC, it’s members and business partners from any and all responsibility for all damages incurred during rental to person or property.

How is vehicle damage accessed?

Upon return, the vehicle will be inspected in the presence of the Renter. Any damages identified as new will be charged to the Renter’s pre approved security deposit source.

How do we confirm security payment credit availability?

Please be aware that two inquiries may show on your credit card billing statement. One inquiry is not a charge. It is a pre approval authorization we use as a security deposit in the amount of $500 for the first vehicle and $250 each additional vehicle processed the day of the vehicle pickup. This authorization is to verify your available credit for coverage of any damages that might be incurred during the rental. The authorization is released in full once the vehicle is returned undamaged. The second charge seen on your statements will be a total of your tour or rental package plus any extras purchased and taxes applicable at the time of vehicle rental booking.
If a vehicle is returned with any damage, repair costs will be accessed and charged to the security deposit on file. Any remaining portion of the initial security deposit will be released back to the Renter’s credit card.